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XVIVE pedals are meticulously designed by our USA Team to bring guitar and bass players professional quality pedals with an original tone at a competitive price. The XVIVE range of pedals continues to grow as we endeavour to bring you more and more exciting yet practical products. We also make our own pedal boards, power supplies, cables and patch leads to cater for all your gigging requirements.
Discover the XVIVE difference!
What Does XVIVE Mean? What Are We All About?
The word "vive" embodies the desire to live life at the fullest. XVIVE was founded by passionate musicians dedicated to finding great tone at great prices so all may enjoy music at its finest. The aim of XVIVE Audio is to manufacture products of unbeatable build and sound quality. Our USA design team believe that premium tone and quality can be offered at a competitive price that any musician can afford.

The USA Design Team
The XVIVE Audio USA Design Team is made up of musicians and engineers who have decades of professional experience.
Howard Davis works as our Chief Designer. He is well known for his many pedal designs for Electro Harmonix (1976 to 1981) and later did design work for Pigtronix (including the Mother Ship analog guitar Synthesizer). He has done independent design work for several artists and we are very happy to have him aboard.
Darius Mostowfi has been a DSP and analog expert in the pedal industry for 18 years. He also co-designed the very successful guitar interface AmpKit LiNK HD.
Ray Heasman has been working on high-end audio systems and signal processing for 15 years. He was instrumental in the design of the recently released Pigtronix Echolution 2 Deluxe and Infinity Looper.

Xvive Products
At XVIVE we listen to what the musician has to say, so that our first class engineers can develop all our products with them in mind. We stop at nothing to ensure that the demands of the professional musician are met - high quality sound, powerful tone, ease of use, rapid response, and road-worthy, durable housing. Our compact series of micro-pedals save space on your pedal board. They're light and easily portable, simple to use, but have a huge sound. The W series pedals are slightly larger and are designed for the musician that wants the flexibility and extended capability of this exclusive line of pedals.

The Fast Growth Of Our Company
Following our official market launch in 2012, XVIVE has experienced an unprecedented growth rate as a company. We are gaining wide acceptance by musicians and pedal manufacturers alike.With our winning combination of great tone and great price, we are quickly becoming the favourite of musicians everywhere.


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