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Varekort HIWATT
Varenavn HIWATT
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HK Audio

Hiwatt is the classic British guitar amplifier that musicians have counted on, both in the studio and on the road, year after year. Built by hand in England, every amplifier is soak-tested before it leaves the factory to serve a new generation of musicians.

Kicking off in the late 1960s, under the guidance of Dave Reeves, Hiwatt gave Marshall a run for their money, contributing hugely to the sonic landscape that became know as ‘The British Sound’. With artists such as The Who and Pink Floyd, the brand was at the forefront of guitar amplification for the remainder of the 1960s and much of the 1970s. Reeves’ untimely death and severe licensing problems threw the trade mark into the doldrums for much of the next two decades.

Hiwatt’s second coming arrived once new trademark owners took control, pursuing an aggressive marketing policy during the present century. This has been proven, with artists such as U2, Oasis, Coldplay and The Black Keys all embracing the truly unmistakeable Hiwatt sound. In short, Hiwatt is back amongst the top five amplification companies in the world. Today, a team of highly-skilled team engineers continue to custom-build Hiwatt amplification to those original specifications, providing the power and reliability that the professionals have come to expect.

Transformers wound to the original Partridge design specification
The highest quality valves
Point-to-point wiring
Cabinet construction with 18mm marine-quality birch ply
Each amplifier and speaker cabinet carefully assembled and soak-tested in our own factory.
The result is that unique Hiwatt sound, rich in 3rd and 5th harmonics, as effective in the studio as it is on stage. These amps sound like no other. The sound of a Custom 100 stack at full tilt is truly awesome. The sheer power and responsiveness is guaranteed to blow you away.


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